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Machine Learning : Simple Linear Regression

Machine Learning : Simple Linear Regression

Regression in terms of mathematics means a relationship between the values – particularly the output value with its corresponding values. Regression models in machine learning are used to predict real values. Let’s assume the case where we have a dataset that defines the salary trend […]

Data Preprocessing for Machine Learning

Data Preprocessing for Machine Learning

Data is the core basis of any computer environment. For machine learning systems, data is required to be fetched and first converted into a usable form. To process the raw input data and convert it into a usable form for machine learning is called as […]

Environment setup for Machine Learning

Environment setup for Machine Learning

With machine learning, the most common principle is to create one program to solve many problems without having the need to be re-written. For a start to machine learning, you first need to train a classifier. A classifier can be considered a function which will […]

Inspect Element with Chrome Browser in Android

If you’re a developer and build websites, the most irritating thing that you would have come across is the abnormal behavior of websites on mobile devices. Another addition to this irritation is the inability to inspect and test HTML/CSS on the Android browser, just like […]

Let me Remind you !

After i had a bitter experience, when my phone rang loudly in middle of an office meeting due to a reminder, I got an idea to change the way we use reminders. Conventionally, we use alarms/reminders in our phone to remind ourselves of friends birthdays […]

Query to check concurrent program’s responsibilities

REQUIREMENT : Query to find all responsibilities to which a concurrent program is attached.     /********************************************************** * PURPOSE: Find all responsibilities to which a concurrent* * program is attached * * AUTHOR: Anirudh Sethi * **********************************************************/   SELECT frt.responsibility_name, frg.request_group_name, frgu.request_unit_type,frgu.request_unit_id, fcpt.user_concurrent_program_name FROM fnd_Responsibility fr, […]

Deleting Concurrent Program/Executable

REQUIREMENT : To delete a concurrent program or executable from back-end in Oracle Apps. CASE STUDY : Oracle EBS, does not allow you to delete a concurrent executable or concurrent program, once created from Oracle forms. However, you can delete them using standard oracle APIs from back-end. […]

Feel of a Change

I can feel a change, under the surface of my skin. Spreading like a wave, waiting for the moment to begin. Nothing more to say, even though I try and try again, do you feel the same, do you feel the same ?   Perfect […]