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Deleting Concurrent Program/Executable

REQUIREMENT : To delete a concurrent program or executable from back-end in Oracle Apps.

CASE STUDY : Oracle EBS, does not allow you to delete a concurrent executable or concurrent program, once created from Oracle forms. However, you can delete them using standard oracle APIs from back-end.


To delete a concurrent program / executable from back-end, you can use the following standard APIs :


‘SHORTNAME’ = Short name of the executable or program

‘APPLICATION’ = Short name of application, to which the executable / program has been attached.


You can use the following query to fetch the short name of the application, if you know the full name :

SELECT fa.application_id           "Application ID",
       fat.application_name        "Application Name",
       fa.application_short_name   "Application Short Name"
  FROM fnd_application fa,
       fnd_application_tl  fat
 WHERE fa.application_id = fat.application_id
   AND fat.language      = USERENV('LANG')
   AND fat.application_name = 'Your application name';
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