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Month: April 2017

Submit a Concurrent Program From Backend

REQUIREMENT : To submit a concurrent program from back-end(database client) CASE STUDY : Oracle EBS, is a powerful enterprise business suite and it uses a concurrent manager to execute multiple concurrent programs at the same time. While testing for one of my modules today, I realized […]

Deleting Concurrent Program/Executable

REQUIREMENT : To delete a concurrent program or executable from back-end in Oracle Apps. CASE STUDY : Oracle EBS, does not allow you to delete a concurrent executable or concurrent program, once created from Oracle forms. However, you can delete them using standard oracle APIs from back-end. […]

Feel of a Change

I can feel a change, under the surface of my skin. Spreading like a wave, waiting for the moment to begin. Nothing more to say, even though I try and try again, do you feel the same, do you feel the same ?   Perfect […]