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What have I built so far 🤔

Sr. No.TitleDescriptionMore OnAdded On
1Item Substitution AutomationA business process automation using UiPath RPA15-Apr-2019
2Automatic CV UpdationDynamically updates CV with latest data from database. Generates and updates PDF CV automatically from latest HTML resume.25-Nov-2018
3Coding ChallengeGet a Hackerrank coding challenge delivered to your email every day07-Oct-2018
4Telegram ChatBotA chatbot built with Telegram open source APIs to perform actions on text message commands22-Sep-2018
5Automatic SSL RenewalRenews SSL certificates automatically from Let's Encrypt and installs it to your website's cpanel using headless Browser Automation with Selenium16-Sep-2018
6Easy MP3 DownloaderDownload latest mp3 tracks - English, Hindi, and Punjabi, without even opening a browser15-Aug-2018
7Remote Connect to Wordpress with XML-RPCPython code to take control of your Wordpress blog remotely26-May-2018
8Fast2SMS Python APISend free SMS to any mobile number using Fast2SMS Python API07-Apr-2018
9Bad Words DetectorUse Natural Language Processing to detect the language of a text and then filter out bad/abusive words from the text01-Mar-2018
10PayTM Promo code AutomationAutomatically recharge mobile with Promo Code on PayTM using Browser automation with Selenium13-Feb-2018
11Birthday SMS ReminderAn SMS delivery script to fetch all important birthdays from the database and send a reminder SMS23-Dec-2017
12Automatic Birthday WishesA python code to automate birthday wishes posting on Facebook. Fetch birthdays from database and post a birthday wish on Wordpress blog and Facebook16-Dec-2017
13AJAX Contact FormPHP based AJAX contact form with auto responder setup05-Nov-2017
14Simple Email Subscription FormPHP/AJAX based email subscription form. Navigate to Contact section to see the subscription form04-Nov-2017
15Wordpress BlogFull-scale blog application built using Wordpress and plugins28-Sep-2017
16Reminders Web ApplicationCreate reminders and get notified via Email or SMS. Check it out here09-Jul-2017
17Facebook's Birthday ScrapperScrap Facebook account, extract the birthday calendar file and load it into database with Python script10-Jun-2017
18Website DevelopmentSingle page mobile-ready website development with Bootstrap Framework20-Apr-2017
19Way2Sms APIA Python script to send free SMS from www.way2sms.com04-Dec-2016
20Simple Banking ScriptA simple Python script for smooth introduction to coding in Python28-Mar-2016

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