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Sr. No.TitleDescriptionMore OnAdded On
1HR Termination Audit AutomationAn Automation solution designed to help auditors and HR teams to have enhanced capability in testing policy violations during terminations. This solution enables the organisation to perform Continuous Risk Assessment and helps in risk elimination reported in traditional sample based auditing.16-Feb-2021
2GoodLives - Mental Health ServicesVolunteered as a Technology Consultant for a Startup and created a tech-oriented Mental Health Services Platform from scratch that helped hundreds of people for free during the peak of Coronavirus.12-Dec-2020
3Re-Usable Automation : "Who has Access"A common required by auditors is to understand who has access to the application being audited. Access in my organization for applications is controlled at Active Directory group levels.This re-usable automation solution has made it possible for multiple teams across my organization to analyse access metrics and members of these groups and has tremendously reduced turn-around time seen in traditional auditing methods. 03-Dec-2020
4Archer Dashboard Refresh AutomationKnown in my organization as RAAS Robocop, this automation robot allowed integration of Compliance Governance Tool (Archer) with Analytics technology (Power BI) bringing intelligent insights of Compliance data and metrics to management. A highly valuable project that saves around 900 hours per month.10-Aug-2020
5Automation with IoTAn IoT based automation solution to control the Water Motor ON/OFF process31-Jul-2020
6Database Controls AutomationTechnology Auditors are required to test and verify if databases used across organization are following the established standards or not ( like password complexity). This manual process of auditing is completely automated using RPA bots allowing weekly testing of Database controls without any human interaction.18-Jun-2020
7AWS Risk Compliance and Assessment AutomationWith AWS as a primary cloud solution at the heart of an organisation, it becomes super critical from internal audit and technology teams to ensure that the cloud is governed by policies and compliance is ensured by the stakeholders of the cloud, to make sure it is free of any risks (like a Cyber Attack). We designed an RPA automated solution to track various metrics of AWS cloud usage across organization and then integrated it with Power BI to enable powerful and intelligent insights to auditors and higher management that allows Continuous Risk Assessment of the AWS cloud compliance.05-May-2020
8Item Substitution AutomationA business process automation using UiPath RPA15-Apr-2019
9Automatic CV UpdationDynamically updates CV with latest data from database. Generates and updates PDF CV automatically from latest HTML resume.25-Nov-2018
10Coding ChallengeGet a Hackerrank coding challenge delivered to your email every day07-Oct-2018
11Telegram ChatBotA chatbot built with Telegram open source APIs to perform actions on text message commands22-Sep-2018
12Automatic SSL RenewalRenews SSL certificates automatically from Let's Encrypt and installs it to your website's cpanel using headless Browser Automation with Selenium16-Sep-2018
13Easy MP3 DownloaderDownload latest mp3 tracks - English, Hindi, and Punjabi, without even opening a browser15-Aug-2018
14Remote Connect to Wordpress with XML-RPCPython code to take control of your Wordpress blog remotely26-May-2018
15Fast2SMS Python APISend free SMS to any mobile number using Fast2SMS Python API07-Apr-2018
16Bad Words DetectorUse Natural Language Processing to detect the language of a text and then filter out bad/abusive words from the text01-Mar-2018
17PayTM Promo code AutomationAutomatically recharge mobile with Promo Code on PayTM using Browser automation with Selenium13-Feb-2018
18Birthday SMS ReminderAn SMS delivery script to fetch all important birthdays from the database and send a reminder SMS23-Dec-2017
19Automatic Birthday WishesA python code to automate birthday wishes posting on Facebook. Fetch birthdays from database and post a birthday wish on Wordpress blog and Facebook16-Dec-2017
20AJAX Contact FormPHP based AJAX contact form with auto responder setup05-Nov-2017
21Simple Email Subscription FormPHP/AJAX based email subscription form. Navigate to Contact section to see the subscription form04-Nov-2017
22Wordpress BlogFull-scale blog application built using Wordpress and plugins28-Sep-2017
23Reminders Web ApplicationCreate reminders and get notified via Email or SMS. Check it out here09-Jul-2017
24Facebook's Birthday ScrapperScrap Facebook account, extract the birthday calendar file and load it into database with Python script10-Jun-2017
25Website DevelopmentSingle page mobile-ready website development with Bootstrap Framework20-Apr-2017
26Way2Sms APIA Python script to send free SMS from www.way2sms.com04-Dec-2016
27Simple Banking ScriptA simple Python script for smooth introduction to coding in Python28-Mar-2016

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